Wait me you’re too busy to read it all? No worries, I’ve got you covered! See, AI is not just computer learning, they’re totally different things. 😊

  • Computer Learning is software that works with your device’s operating system, be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It helps you limit digital distractions and stay focused on the task at hand.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) refers to computers, (hardware) doing the tasks that are usually associated with human intelligence.
    • You know what? Intelligence: not just a pretty brain! 😜 Examples include: Analytical intelligence for breaking down complex problems with logical solutions. Emotional intelligence to understand and use feelings in decision-making. Creative intelligence for unique ideas. Interpersonal intelligence for grasping others’ thoughts and feelings. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is about working with your body.
      of which is valuable in its own right. Here are some examples:
      • Analytical intelligence is all about breaking down complex problems, spotting patterns, and applying logical thinking to find solutions. It’s like being a detective for your own life!
      • Emotional intelligence: The ability to recognize and understand emotions in oneself and others, and use this to guide decision-making.
      • Creative intelligence: The ability to think outside the box and generate unique ideas.
      • Interpersonal intelligence: The capacity for understanding other people’s thoughts, feelings, interests, and points of view.
      • Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is all about working with your body – think movement control, hand manipulation, and sports skills.

How does it work?

AI works by utilizing algorithms to replicate cognitive functioning and perform the tasks that usually require human intelligence. Developers use algorithms to instruct AI systems to learn from data, enabling them to make decisions or predictions autonomously. Have you heard? You know what’s amazing? AI huge amounts of data at lightning speed, while also identifying patterns that lead to desired outcomes – something we humans simply can’t do as quickly! Cool, huh? 😎 Pretty SMART!
The really amazing part? An AI system can recognize images and voice commands with exceptional accuracy, without requiring explicit code. Can you imagine how many advanced applications could be developed with this technology? Whoa!! 😮

The possibilities for limitless creativity and innovation are now! Let’s embrace the intelligence of AI and open the door to groundbreaking ideas! 🚪 🚀 AI is invaluable to businesses and consumers alike, getting rid of the tedious stuff and simplifying complex tasks.

Discover how AI can help with real estate and loan origination marketing. Join us for a dive into this exciting world! Avast ye, me mateys! Let’s put our message n’ th’ relationships we seek to forge afore all else, whilst we be explorin’ how AI can be rightly applied. Arrr!

What’s it about?

AI is pretty much everywhere these days and is automating all kinds of tasks; think email sorting, weather forecasting, and even healthcare and robotics. With continued growth, these AI-based apps show potential to revolutionize the world and lead us to a brighter tomorrow!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer learning – two terms that are often used interchangeably. Did you know they are actually quite distinct from each other? Let’s explore! AI refers to machines that can perform tasks simulating human intelligence. This typically involves the machine’s ability to learn, reason, perceive, and process information. AI is autonomous machine thinking. Computer learning makes independent, data-driven decisions without human input.

Discover how to utilize AI for real estate and loan origination without losing focus on the message and relationships in this marketing workshop.

What are the take away?

  • Ai is NOT going to replace you, or your skills.
  • Ai & Machine Learning enhance our abilities and eliminate mundane tasks, allowing us to perform better.
  • Join us as we journey to understanding how Ai can work for us

More Reading…

The National Association of Realtors published an article this article on their website: “AI Use in Real Estate Comes with Copyright Concerns.” Where they discussed the copyright laws concerning AI and the pitfalls that we, as Realtors® and Mortgage Loan Originators will face in the upcoming couple of years. I highly recommend that you read it, as we will be going over it in the workshop.

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Alex helped me make a dream I’ve had for a very long time come true and I’ll never be able to thank him enough. Thank you for everything Alex, you’re a gift from above!!!

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Alex you have been a blessing and a pleasure to work with. You helped me through all the tears and the anxiety of this whole process. Your professionalism is amazing and must of all your dedication was absolutely genuine. I not only gained a great realtor, I gained a wonderful friendship and for that I’m so grateful. Thank you again for everything you have done during this exhausting but liberating sell. You are a great realtor but an amazing person.

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Have been working with Alex for years (I’m a Home Inspector). Alex’s clients have always been well informed (because of Alex) and well taken care of. Can recommend Alex without hesitancy.

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He talked and explain things on my level. This was the first time I ever went through anything like selling my house by myself.

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Alex was professional from the word go. He not only walked through all the work, but also thoroughly explained the associated costs, and how they compared to other transactions. I have already referred him to friends and will continue to recommend him.

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